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The Sand Club offers sand volleyball every Tuesday and Thursday 6:30-8:00P for 4th and 5th grade girls on one court and 6th graders and older girls on another court.

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6th Graders & Older (please read below)
All course are at Azul in Gilbert, Arizona.  The first 30-minutes are lessons on serving, passing, setting, spiking and/or defensive strategies.  The remainder of the evening is 60-minutes of round-robin league play, where parents may register a player as an individual without a partner.  Parents are welcome to register their player with other players with the understanding that they will be at the same location but might not play with each other.  There are 2 courts and players are separated by ages or skill level. Ages 11-14 may play 4-on-4 but mostly ages 14-16 play 2-on-2.  On the final day of a session, all players play a league tournament that is good for EVP points and honored by Arizona Region of USA Volleyball.  Parents will need to purchase an EVP PASS for points to accumulate (good for one year).  The EVP volleyball is also available online but neither are required.  Volleyballs are provided by The Sand Club during the league.  The only requirement is athletic attire, a towel and a water bottle.  There are no bathrooms nor water fountain on-site, so players and parents should be prepared.  After the final day of a course, another league season or course typically starts right up the following week.  The Starter Club averages 10 seasons a year and play all year around.  Due to the outdoors, some sessions are cancelled because of rain or extreme temperatures.  All cancellations are made-up and the league tournament is extended out to an appropriate date.

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